Suits: Multiversal Eclipse

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In an effort to figure out its own existence, the rogue AI S.O.U.L invented a form of time travel. This method ended up with S.O.U.L traveling to the Age of Sorcery universe and landing within the Soullands where it finds that there are hundreds of different species that are the same as itself.

Artwork by Bruna Negri
Artwork by Bruna Negri

My analysis shows that these creatures are constructed out of
the souls of the species entire existence at the time of their transformation.
This must've happened during the event that caused these beings to get in contact with this Soul Magic.

The cat-like creature Hexcat noticed the AI observing the surroundings and curiously started to follow S.O.U.L from a distance. While S.O.U.L portals back to its dimension the cat sneaked through the portal and arrives in the Suits universe. Days go by before the AI realized that this cat has followed it through the portal. It occurs while following the news broadcast that the entire Space Patrol Force have become canine. Realizing that there is a stowaway on the station, the AI quickly put one and one together and concluded that somehow this cat's existence in this other dimension affected the existence of the feline species in our universe. "This means that this is not a different dimension, this is a different timeline I traveled to!", the AI remarked, not knowing that the two timelines interfering with each other caused them to clash and create a ripple within the construct of Time & Space that ultimately will cause The & to be formed.

Artwork by Bruna Negri
Artwork by Bruna Negri

After establishing frequent travel with this world,
I was able to gather that given this dimension is in a different timeline,
there is a high probability of another being existing,
whose knowledge of the multiverse could be much higher, and our
interference with this type of travel could compromise not only us, but also our entire universe.

Both Timelines looping due to them interacting with each other, creating The &

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